Get Casting Jobs with Best Modeling Portfolio


Modeling is a very competitive field, and every model needs a modeling portfolio.

Not any portfolio, you need the BEST modeling portfolio.

 Get Casting Jobs with Best Modeling Portfolio | Siobhan Gazur Photography

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This is where I come in.

Let’s start with my photography portfolio, did you like it?

If you are still reading this sentence, most likely the answer is “yes”.

Not convinced? Learn more about me, where I studied, where I was published and where I teach photography.

But that’s not enough.

I can be the best photographer in the world, but if you are not ready to work hard and put your time into preparation, I will not be able to create the BEST portfolio for you. 

It’s a team work, and in many cases it involves many team members.

Here is how you create the BEST portfolio:

Five critical elements of Best Modeling Portfolio: Vision, Skills, Target, Coach, Brand

 San Diego | Get Casting Jobs with Best Modeling Portfolio

Vision: Great shots, require planning. You need to go over many ideas to create a good vision. Here you need to consider three critical aspects: Styling (outfit), Location (where), Timing (when)

Skills: Looks helps, but your ability to project yourself well in front of camera is key. Know your poses. Practice your poses. Know which poses fit your body the best.

Target: There are many modeling categories: promotional, editorial, commercial, swimwear, catwalk, etc. Search the internet, read and learn about them and choose where you want to be recognized and branded.

Coach: Skills of coaching by a professional photographer is critical. They can guide you through the session, bringing out the best of you. Talk to them, ask them about the process.

Brand: Brand yourself. Yes, you are a brand and you need to know how to brand yourself in your modeling portfolio. There is a certain look “only you have”, with your personality traits and you always want to represent them in the photos and be remembered (branded) for that.

Here is the deal.

I will guide you step-by-step through the modeling portfolio photography session, so you can relax, have fun, and be yourself.

.. and you will gain modeling experience.

I will coach you how to pose during the session, to achieve the BEST modeling portfolio, but most of all to achieve your dreams.

Now, about the hard work

Ideas: Get on, look at magazines, other photographer’s websites and create boards with ideas or images that you like for the session and call me to go over them.  It is important for us to be on the same page of what direction you want to go in for your portfolio.  I will guide you and help create new ideas that will showcase you the most.

 Get Casting Jobs with Best Modeling Portfolio | San Diego Fashion

Hydrate: Start drinking plenty of water now, or prior to the session, to help your skin to glow.

Haircut: If you are considering haircut before the session, do it at least a week before.

Clothing: Choose clothes that fit and compliment you, if you are unsure, consider a stylist. I teach fashion styling at Mesa College so you get two skills for the price of one.

Makeup: Makeup you wear daily is different than makeup for photography designed to enhance your look in a camera. It’s not a must, but you should consider it.

Sun: You don’t want to get sunburned a day before the session 🙂

Directions: Check the directions to the location prior to the session and make sure you know how to get there.

Skin: Moisturize your skin, specially your knees and elbows. For the session if you are planning to show more skin, wear loose fitting clothing to prevent any marks on your body.

Sleep: Get plenty of sleep before the session.

Be on time:  Preferably arrive 15 minutes early.

Ready to get your modeling portfolio?

Learn about my My Fashion Photography Sessions Pricing and Portfolio including session information.


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