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It will be a day about you, where you relax and feel beautiful. Capture your special time of your life, before and after welcoming your baby in this beautiful world. You deserve it.

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1 hour
10 high-res digital images

Premium Maternity Session is 1-1.5 hours, leaves enough time for more looks, clothes changes and photo arrangements. Session yields 150-300+ images delivered to private, secure online gallery.



2-3 hours
10 high-res digital images

Newborn Session is 2-3+ hours designed for your little bundle of joy. Those adorable photos of infants posed in baskets only happen in the first two weeks. I have a wide range of newborn props, fabrics, blankets we can use during the session, which takes over two hours since we are on the baby's sleep and feeding time. Yields over 150+ images. 


You have an option to purchase additional images, or all digital images. Professional Prints are ordered separately from secure online gallery, or order custom photo album. Each session includes pre-session consultation, online gallery of proofs. All purchased digital images can be downloaded as Web-Size - ideal for websites, or High-Resolution - ideal for printing.

 Frequently Asked Questions.


Additional images: $20 / image
Personalized Image Retouching: $35 / image
Hair & Makeup Artist starting at: $150 / person
Wardrobe stylist starting at: $250 / person

Events | 2 Hour minimum: $300 / 2 hours
Additional hours: $150 / hour

Gift Certificates Available.


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When are you thinking of doing the photoshoot? (Optional)
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San Diego's Premier Maternity and Newborn Photographer

BFA in photography Pasadena's Art Center College of Design in California.
Professor in the photography department San Diego City College.
Operates successful fine art photography business.
20 years experience.

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I want to hear your ideas:

I want to hear your maternity photo ideas and desires so I can better tailor your photo shoot and I can create it through my vision.

Schedule a free session consultation prior to booking the session and answer a short session questionnaire I will send you.

Once I have an idea of what you want to do I can suggest outfits and locations that would be best for you to achieve the pictures you will love.

Styling is important.

For your pregnancy photo shoot you want to best show off your baby bump.  

Every woman is different about how much she wants to show the baby bump.  Tight fitting shirts/dresses and flowy skirts are a favorite look of mine. I also like to use fabric to wrap the body. Solid colors are timeless. 

Styling for newborn is soft and simple.  I have a few soft blankets, baskets and other fun props that I can bring to the shoot.  It is fun to use some personal items such as your baby's blankets and props around the house.  

Consider location - beach: softer colors, park/trees: richer colors, at home: colors that match your home decor to assure the pictures on the wall will blend in.

However, whatever you bring make sure it is clean and ironed.  If your clothes are wrinkled and stained this will show up in the photos.  

I can help with styling:

Contact me if you are not sure what to wear. I will consult with you about the look and feel you want for your shoot.

Every client is different and this is what makes each pregnancy photo shoot unique and special.  I want to capture your pregnancy the way you want to remember this special time. 

Few, not so obvious, and some basic reminders:

Pregnancy Photos:

  1. Styling: Allow enough time to plan the outfits, minimum a week before.
  2. Hydrate: Drink plenty of water prior to the session, to help your skin to glow. 
  3. Haircut: If you are considering haircut before the session, do it at least a week before.
  4. Clothing: Choose clothes that fit and compliment you, if you are unsure, consider a stylist.
  5. Skin: Moisturize your skin, specially your knees and elbows, lotion will add glow to your skin. For the session if you are planning to show more skin, wear loose fitting clothing to prevent any marks on your body.
  6. Hair & Makeup: This day is about you, get pampered and feel beautiful.
  7. Food: Bring some snacks, and water, specially for those little ones. 
  8. Directions: Check the directions to the location prior to the session and make sure you know how to get there.

Newborn Photos:

  1. Comfort: Bring your newborn's favorite toy, blanket, pacifier, wipes and diapers.
  2. Food: It's best to feed the baby before the photo session.
  3. Spare clothes: Just in case of spills.
  4. Manicure: Your baby's hands in yours maybe one of your newborn photos. Those are close ups for which you may want to consider manicure.
  5. Diaper marks: Attach diapers lightly to prevent marks on the newborn's waist. 

When to Schedule:

  • Pregnancy Sessions:  You want to show off your bump so you want to wait until you are really showing but still feel good.  I would say the best time is anywhere from 7-9 months.  Avoid waiting too long, when it is difficult to move around.

  • Newborn Sessions:  It is best to schedule a newborn session within the first 14 days (preferably day 6 to 14).  It is best to schedule your photography session before the baby is born so we know it is scheduled.  Newborn sessions can take hours since we are on the baby's sleep and feeding time.  I am very patient waiting to capture these special moments.  Newborn sessions are mostly about the newborn but I encourage to include mom, dad and siblings for some images.  

How long will the shoot last?

It depends on the package. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier to leave enough time walk to session location and get "camera ready".  Please allow extra time for traffic.

Premium Maternity Session: I want to be able to take my time with each family so I know that we will have fun and get the photos we want.  On average a photo shoot will last up to 1.5 hours. 

Special Maternity Session: On average a photo shoot will last up to 45 minutes, please note that this session is for groups of up to 6 people. 

Newborn Session: Can take over 2 hours since we are on the baby's sleep and feeding time. 

What is the best location? Home or Studio or Outdoors?

This is a personal decision for you, the goal of the location is to fit the idea or vision you have in mind.

Maternity photos created outdoor have natural look to them and the light, color and composition is infinite. In San Diego pregnancy photos on the beach are choice of many woman who like the variety and beauty of beach setting, specially during the sunset. 

Home is your home. It offers privacy, comfort where you can relax the most. Taking maternity photos at home also show your life during your pregnancy, the preparation, the place where you were waiting for the arrival of your baby. Those photos tell stories!

Studio offers privacy and comfort, specially when you would consider clothing optional. Your bump lines tell the story and lighting in the studio can intensify those lines to create breathtaking pregnancy pictures.

If you have a location in mind, please let me know. I will do a location scout to suggest most interesting, and will send you GPS location of the session. 

There are many beautiful locations on our beaches, preserves, parks or hills around San Diego county.

What is the best time to do a photo shoot?

This will depend on the location that we choose to do the shoot.

Keep in mind your newborn's nap and eating schedule. 

An important factor for portrait photography is light, specifically what is the source and temperature of the light?

In the studio I control the light, thus we can schedule the session based on availability.

On-location (outside) I recommend early morning or late afternoon have warmer light and longer shadows creating dramatic effects. 

The best time to schedule a maternity photography session on-location is the Golden Hour, one hour before the sunset.

Golden Hour .. what is it?

Golden Hour is known among photographers for it's special warm light qualities. The effects of the golden light present on the subject, the landscape, the sky and over the sea enables myriad of creative possibilities.

We would meet about 1.5 hours prior to sunset, to leave ample time to get setup, walk to the beach, or park and have a memorable session.

Some of the beach locations are best at low tide, some at high tide. I will balance the Golden Hour with the tides to make sure we choose the right beach, so we have still some sand to walk on.

Beach Safety consideration.

Waves, reefs, currents and rip-tides in San Diego can be dangerous. Moss builds up on the reef and it can be extremely slippery!

Please make sure you watch after you and your family's safety on the beach.

Learn more about San Diego Beach Safety.

That's not all ...


I always encourage to take few family portraits during maternity session with your loved ones, ... and don't forget Fido :-) 

Meaningful props, such as ultrasound picture, baby's books or shoes can add variety to the portrait photos. Necklace, hairpiece or scarves can add color contrast to your pregnancy photos.

Bring your favorite music with you ... I have a portable speaker you can connect to.

Relax and have fun.

After the session:

Within two weeks of the photo session, you will be sent a link for a password protected online gallery, so you can choose the best images, which I will then edit and release to you. 

You can also purchase all high resolution images from the session for additional fee.

From the online gallery you can share these photos with your friends and family, or buy prints, canvas, mounted prints, metal prints of images, with various sizes. Final images can be downloaded as High Resolution images (300dpi JPG) ideal for printing, or in addition you can choose to download Web-Size (1024px) ideal for sharing on social media.

Photos are developed by specialized professional lab, color corrected for optimal printing to deliver exceptional quality portraits.

Thank you!

Thank you for entrusting me to take your pregnancy and newborn portraits, and don't forget to schedule baby's 3 months, 6 months and their first birthday sessions.

- Siobhan