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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What differentiates you from other photographers?

  • My photography is classic and timeless. Timeless photography has a strong emotional impact that is valid now and will hold significance for future generations.  It is dreamy and soulful that is moving and emotional but yet stops this moment in time. 
  • Quality of my service, as well as print products and your 100% satisfaction is my ultimate goal. My clients are lifetime customers.

Q: How many photographers will be present at the session?

  • I will be the single photographer at the session, unless otherwise stated.

Q: Will we get featured in a blog, or social media?

  • I occasionally post a blog of session, or share few images on my social media, but it is not guaranteed. This is my only way to advertise, to show my work to future clients.

Q: Who are the people on your website?

  • The photos are of actual client's sessions. Fashion portfolio is of models hired by a client, or models as clients.

Q: What is the price of a photo session and how do we reserve the date?

  • Prices of our packages are listed under PRICING, along with 'a la carte' choice of add-on services and prints. Contact me to request a quote. 
  • To reserve your date a 30% deposit and a signed contract is required when session is booked. Balance is due by the day of the session.

Q: Do I have to order prints through you?

  • I highly recommend ordering prints through our vendors, but it is not required. I use one of the best photo printing labs in United States and their print quality is exceptional. My digital workflow is optimized to this lab's printers to achieve maximum color printing accuracy.
  • I attend multiple photography exhibitions each year to compare side by side quality of print vendors and I select each year only the best. I examine each vendor of quality of prints, packaging, on-time delivery and support to meet my quality standards, to assure your 100% satisfaction in my services.

Q: What equipment do you use?

  • I have various cameras to create my artwork, film and digital, lenses, flashes and everything needed to achieve timeless portraits. I use Canon, Mamiya, Leica, Pentax cameras and Profoto lights.

Q: Do you offer special promotions, are your prices negotiable? 

  • Pricing is not negotiable.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?

Q: What type of payment do you accept?  

  • Cash, check or a major credit card.  All print orders are subject to current sales tax.



Q: How long after my photo session until I get to see my photographs?

  • Within two weeks after your session you will get an email with a link to your online password protected gallery.  
  • By default all galleries are hidden on our client gallery home page and are password protected. 

Q: How long can I access my gallery?

  • Your online gallery will be available for six months.
  • NOTE: Studio is NOT required to retain copies of images from the session past a period of six months after the session date. It is the responsibility of Client to purchase, store, and backup photos after the six month period.  

Q: How do I order my images?  Can you help me pick images?

  1. You will get two sets of images "Highlights" and "Session". Photographer’s favorites will be located in "Highlights", so you can see what photographs Siobhan really liked the best. 
  2. Pick your Favorites from "Highlights" or "Session" sets within a week.
  3. Once done, notify us via email.
  4. You will receive a download link for your "Favorites".
  5. If you choose not to pick your favorites, by default I will deliver after two weeks a download link to images I selected in "Highlights".
  6. Optional:  You can also choose USB Flash Card mail delivery for an additional fee, sales tax will apply. Contact me if you would like to order your images on USB Flash Card.

Q: How do I view all my favorite images I selected in the gallery?

  1. Click on the "Favorite Button (heart icon)" on the top right corner (see image below)
 How do I view my favorite images in my online gallery

Q: How do I download images from the online gallery?

Q: How can I mark images in my gallery private? I don't want some specific photos to be visible when sharing with friends and family.

Q: How long after I pick my favorites can I download my images

  • In general within a week, maximum three weeks, you will receive a link to download your images from your online gallery. Total time depends on number of add-on services, for example how many personalized image retouching you have ordered.

Q: Can you do Same Day Service - Same Day Delivery

  • If you need a shoot on the same day, depending on availability I can shoot, edit and deliver images on the same day with standard image retouching. However personalized image retouching can require an extra day, depending on my availability.

Q: Can I get my images on CD, DVD, or USB Flash drive?

  • Included in session purchase is online deliver of images only. This is the most convenient and timely delivery system for most of our clients and we have chosen the best, easy to use online-gallery available. 
  • You can download each, or all purchased images directly from the online gallery.
  • You can purchase USB Flash drive with all images for an additional fee.
  • We no longer support CD, DVD, and are not offering it since 2014.

Q: What is the process of ordering a Photo Album ?

  1. Contact me to schedule an appointment, either online or in person, to select the album, and choose the right options for you.
  2. During the meeting I'll share with you samples so you can inspect the quality, material and options each album manufacturer offers, including price and timeline of delivery.
  3. Select your images, for standard 15 page spread (30 pages) you will need about 25-30 images. If this is part of a photo session, you can do this through my online gallery. If you are a new client, you can simply deliver high resolution images through dropbox, google drive, send me images on USB card. Images must meet quality my quality standards to start work.
  4. I'll send you a Photo Album Quote. Once you sign the contract and pay for the album I will start the work.
  5. Within a week or two I'll send you 1st Draft of photo album design posted to online album proofing site.
  6. You have three sets of revisions included in the design fee. We will make changes to album based on your comments and change requests (swap photos and spreads) the must be noted online. We will make changes and re-upload images. Extra rounds of changes will be additional fee.
  7. Once you approve the photo album I will have your book printed and bound and soon you will be holding your treasured moments in your hands.


Q: How should I care for my albums?  

  • Our handcrafted albums are made to last for generations with proper handling.

  • Make sure when handling album, your hands are clean, or use a gloves.
  • Use fingertips when turning pages (avoid using fingernails).
  • Keep album away from extreme temperatures / humidity changes.
  • Always store album closed, lying flat when not in use. Store vertically only in the display box.
  • To clean, carefully wipe with lint-free dry cloth. Never use water or other liquid cleaners.

Q: How should I care for my prints?

  • Keeping wall art away from direct sunlight, will extend the life of your investment. If you would like more detailed information on the choice of right product, location and durability, please contact me. We also offer wall and product design consultation.

  • Make sure when handling prints, your hands are clean, or use a gloves, and handle print only by edges. The oils on your hand will leave fingerprints, showing up on dark areas.
  • Avoid bending prints, use two hands, creases become permanent.
  • Do not use hands to wipe off any dust. Use canned air to blow dust.
  • Keep prints away from extreme temperatures / humidity changes.
  • Avoid exhibiting prints in direct bright sunlight. 
  • Avoid exhibiting prints in the bathrooms, warping or damage to prints may occur. Consider Metal Print.
  • Avoid exhibiting prints near heating and cooling vents, they also can result in damage to your prints over period of time.
  • Beware of attaching your prints with adhesives.
  • If you need to display art at direct sunlight, humidity changes, choose Metal Prints - they are waterproof, UV resistant, and can easily cleaned. Another option is to frame prints with acrylic UV protective layer.

Q: How should I care for my digital images?

  • Your photos are irreplaceable don’t save money by not following the principle outlined below. If you would like more detailed information on how to securely setup your this system at home, please contact me.

  • Use 3-2-1 strategy: 3 backups of each file, 2 types of media at home, 1 of those at remote location.
  • Two at home – if one fails you have another one as a backup.
  • One at remote location – during disaster (flood, fire) your remote drive is your backup. Remote location can be a bank vault, your friend's house, etc.


Q: I have a lot of old photographs, and albums, how should I care for them?

  • With proper care you can extend the life of your family photographs and albums. While same principle applies to vintage photographs, there are some differences in caring for old photographs, film, tintypes.

  • Tintypes: I love tintype technology for my fine art, contact me to schedule a tintype session and create original portrait of you on tintype. See some of my tintypes in my creative portfolio.
    • They can be easily ruined in vinyl albums while exposed to direct sunlight.
    • Don't stack them they will easily scratch when rubbing against each other (think of them as film and photograph - one of a kind).
    • Don't clean them with solvents. 
    • Find archival polypropylene boxes, or mylar sleeves for proper storage.
    • Find services to scan your tintype and store them digitally see "How should I care for my digital images", to prevent loss from physical damage (glass tintypes can break easily).
  • Film, Film based photographs: I enjoy the film process for my fine art, contact me if you would like to add this option to your session, additional fee will apply.
    • Store negatives separately from photographs and purchase negative sleeves for proper storage.
    • Find services to scan your film and store them digitally see "How should I care for my digital images".
    • Use the digital images to re-print them for display, and preserve the original prints.

If you have a question and didn't find an answer here, please contact me.