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Fashion Photography with Siobhan Gazur

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179 Fashion Styling for Photo - FALL 2016 - Mesa Community College

This class is at Mesa Community College, in the Fashion Department, Fall semester 2016.  

179 Fashion Photo Styling - 3 hours lecture, 3 units Grade Only 

Description: This course is a practical study of photo styling and the role of photography in fashion marketing. Emphasis is placed on simulating the daily work of a photo stylist, including styling techniques, self promotion and business management. Students create a portfolio of work based on common photo styling projects. This course is designed for students majoring in the fashion field.

Class starts on 8-22-2016 and ends on 12-17-2016

PHOTO 250 Fashion Photography - SPRING 2016 - San Diego City College 

Have you dreamed about becoming a fashion photographer or working in the fashion industry?

I was teaching a fantastic Fashion Photography class at San Diego City College coming up soon Spring semester 2016.  The class is called Photo 250 Fashion Photography and it will be Monday and Wednesday at 6:55 pm -10:00 pm at City College Class Schedule .  

Class starts on 01-25-2016 and ends on 05-21-2016.

 Siobhan Gazur Photographer Fashion Model San Diego

This is a fun portfolio building class.  You will be looking at many aspects of working in the fashion industry such as working with models. makeup artist, hair stylist and stylist to create concept driven images.  I will show you some great lighting tools and set ups that will help create stunning lighting results.    

 Siobhan Photography Fashion Model Portfolio