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"Sailor" was honored with Juror's Award | San Diego Portrait Photography

Portrait of a "Sailor"

This portrait was honored with Juror's Award, and included for the the gallery exhibition by juror Aline Smithson in the category Photo Noir. The exhibition presents photography portraits by numerous artist from around the world.

Incredible Photography

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How did I take the Portrait?

This Portrait was taken in Marina Del Ray California. I was walking through Marina Del Ray when I saw this guy sitting by his boat drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette.  

He had a very distinct voice.  I started talking to him about his life as a sailor and explained to me that he was from the ocean.  He was from where ever the water took him.  

I asked him if I could take his portrait and I ran home to get my lights and camera.  There was so much character and mystery about this guy.  

I often wonder where the water has taken him.  

 San Diego Portrait Photography | Sailor

San Diego Portrait Photography | Sailor